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LOOMPACT offers various functions for the different user groups with the aim to bring the impact investing ecosystem to the next level.

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Build up your impact management

Use our unique step-by-step onbording to create a more and more growing impact maturity report to show the world that you mean it.

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Communicate your impact

Use our multifunctional impact badges to communicate via social media, embed them on your website or even use our whitelabel functionality.

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Portfolio management

Measure, communicate and report the impact of your whole portfolio and show what your impact investing can do.

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Discover investment opportunities

Search LOOMPACT for your individual parameters, use saved search and automated updates to never miss a potential new deal.

How it works

Communicate your data according to the SDG framework. Use it to easily design understandable & comparable impact reports.


Use your reports and share it with the world

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The company badges give an easy overview of your impact.

Show your positive KPIs and impact footprint at a glance. Visualize your current status, your goals and much more.

Share your badge with the world with only one click.

Use your own social media channels or embed the badge on your website.

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About Impact

Sustainable Development Goals

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are political objectives of the United Nations (UN), which are intended to ensure sustainable development on an economic, social and ecological level worldwide.

Impact Investing

By building the impact investing ecosystem worldwide, the aim is to mobilize additional capital to tackle social and ecological challenges that threaten our planet.

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